Thursday, February 26, 2009

Deep-Sea Gas Analyzers

The Deep-Sea Gas Analyzer provides an accurate measurement of a variety of gases at depths of up to 2500 meters. The instrument employs a membrane gas extractor and is capable of measuring virtually any gas in LGR’s catalog, including CH4, CO2, and various stable isotopomers. Self-sustained, remote operation is possible using the internal battery, gas handling system, and data storage. Possible applications include carbon sequestration in ocean waters, methane-hydrate studies, and hydrothermal-vent effluent analysis.
As described in the Theory Section (on, the measurement strategy is based on high-resolution direct-absorption spectroscopy. As a result, the instrument is self-calibrating and provides an absolute, accurate gas concentration without reference standards. An internal computer can store data practically indefinitely for applications requiring unattended long-term standalone operation. These analyzers can also send real-time data to a data logger through analog, digital (RS232), and Ethernet outputs.